In March 2017, Preston Parish Council was officially registered as the owner of a 6-acre plot of land. This land was gifted to the Parish Council at no cost and its value at the time of transfer was listed as £70k. However, it is subject to covenants and provisions that will come into effect under certain conditions. This plot of land is located on the west side of Stourmouth Road and has its primary access route via Marleybrook Lane.

The six acres of land is a ‘once in a lifetime’ asset for the parish. The Parish Council therefore, has a duty to make sure this asset is used appropriately to benefit the parish in the foreseeable future.

At the formal Parish Council meeting held on 4th November 2020, members unanimously agreed to set up a working party to consider in detail all relevant issues relating to the 6 acres of land.

The working party: -
• Alwyn Pidgen (Preston Parish Council member and leader of the working party)
• Tommy Gale (Preston Parish Council member)
• Oliver Chapman (Chairman of Preston Parish Council)
• Jean Swan (Clerk to Preston Parish Council)

The Working Party provided research into all potential options that could be considered for the six acres of land. This ranged in broad terms from no development at all, to partial or full development. The benefits, advantages and disadvantages as it affects the whole community will be set out for each option.
The Working Party was disbanded and the future of the Six Acres is now being reviewed and considered by the whole Parish Council.
The working party produced some useful documents to keep parish residents informed of its progress and the Parish Council will be adding to this.
Please click on any of the following topics to reveal further information.

1. The terms of reference of The Six Acres Working Party.

2. A list of the topics that were discussed at the first working party meeting and will form part of its ongoing research.

3. The process for encouraging parish residents to submit their own ideas and/or proposals for the use of all or part of the six-acre plot of land.

4. A communication plan to ensure positive engagement with parish residents regarding the six acres of land.

5. A list of all green and environmentally friendly public areas in Preston parish.

6. A brief review of Dover District Council’s Local Plan and HELAA process for the six acres of land.

7. Options for the six acres of land. Proposals put forward by residents together with the responses from the six acres working party.

8. Six Acre briefing update May 2021

9. Parish Council Update regarding Six Acres

10. Six Acres winter update 2021 update to residents

11. Six Acres Decision Update

12. Six Acres Query Update
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