Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for a Working Party to consider the 6 acres of land owned by Preston Parish Council

At the formal Parish Council meeting held on 4th November 2020, members agreed unanimously to set up a working party to consider in detail all relevant issues relating to the 6 acres of land.

At its inaugural meeting on 16th November 2020 the working party discussed and agreed the specific terms of reference within which it plans to work, as well as the items it plans to cover. Following approval by the full council these two documents will be made available to parish residents. The parish clerk will keep a record of all meetings. These notes or minutes together with the agenda will be appended to the full Preston Parish Council agenda.

The working party will comprise the 3 councillors who were unanimously endorsed by the full parish council in addition to the parish clerk. A leader was appointed by the full council to act as its main point of contact. The team is: -

• Alwyn Pidgen (Preston Parish Council member and leader of the working party)
• Tommy Gale (Preston Parish Council member)
• Oliver Chapman (Chairman of Preston Parish Council)
• Jean Swan (Clerk to Preston Parish Council)

The working party may, if required, co-opt councillors and non-councillors who have specialist skills that could aid their deliberations. The full parish council will be informed and consulted about all co-opted personnel.

The working party will act in a purely advisory capacity and will not be able to make decisions on behalf of the full council. However, it will be able to determine objectives, set priorities, meet with people and research options, prior to providing feedback and making recommendations to the full council for discussion and approval.

The working party will discuss its progress at each full Parish Council meeting and will answer any questions members may raise at any time. The working party will also present a communication plan to keep parish residents informed, to the full parish council.

The working party will provide the full council with all the information necessary to enable it to make properly informed decisions. The role of the full council is to question and challenge the working party’s recommendations, to ensure it is satisfied that the correct decisions have been reached.

Working party meetings will not be open to the general public. However, residents will be able to listen to a summary of the working party’s progress being discussed at each full Parish Council meeting. They will also be able to table questions for the working party by contacting the parish clerk at any time.

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