Residents Suggestion Procedure

Encouraging parish residents to submit their ideas and proposals for the use of the six-acre plot of land to the working party.


It should first be noted that the Parish Council’s policy on the six acres of land remains unchanged. It is currently let to a farmer for agricultural use and the tenancy agreement includes a 2-year notice period.

It must also be noted that the six acres of land is a once in a lifetime asset for the parish. The Parish Council has a duty to make sure this asset is used appropriately to benefit the parish in the foreseeable future.

A Working Party has been set up to research and discuss all potential options that could be considered for the six acres of land. This will range in broad terms from no development at all, to partial and full development (plus all options in between). The benefits, advantages and disadvantages for the whole community will be set out for each option.

It is therefore very important that any residents who have an interest in the future of the six acres should consider suggesting sensible and practical proposals for its future. These could be for the whole plot or just part of the plot.

The process for submitting ideas and proposals for the six acres

Preston parish residents are encouraged to submit any new ideas or proposals they have for the future use of all or part of the six acres of land to the parish clerk

Any proposal must clearly set out what the land would be used for. It must also discuss how it would add to the sustainability and future of Preston village. It must list any costs that would be incurred (e.g. in setting it up and ensuring future maintenance). Most importantly it must clearly show the benefits of the proposal to the whole community.

So far the working party has received only one credible response relating to biodiversity that it is taking seriously.

The working party would like to see a wide range of credible options that it can consider. Of course the working party can and will present some suggestions of its own to the Parish Council, but it would be preferable if they came mainly from residents.

All responses that are submitted will be discussed and considered by the working party in terms of their benefit to the community. A detailed response will be sent to the originator of the idea.

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