Cllr Alwyn Pidgen

For a number of years, residents have raised concerns about excess speeding and road safety problems in Preston village. The Parish Council takes this issue very seriously and has been actively working with other local Parish Councils and Kent County Council to try and improve the situation. The road through Preston village is a very busy one and connects the A257 with the A253/A28/A299 and it is often used as a “rat-run” between these main roads. This leaves us vulnerable to the certainty that vehicles will use our village as a cut through when these ‘A’ roads are closed or congested. Please have a read through this website. It attempts to cover all the key issues that have been concerning residents. If you have any suggestions, or ideas on how to make our parish safer, or would simply like to raise a concern, please contact Jean Swan, clerk to Preston Parish Council and we will get back to you.

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